Estancia Serenova

Come together. Come alive.

Late winter sunset over Bunker Hill

Come together. Come alive.

Retreat (n.)

  1. A peaceful, quiet place affording privacy or security.
  2. A period of retirement, seclusion, or solitude.
  3. A period of meditation, prayer or study.
    Source: Wiktionary

By definition, retreats are places out-of-the-way. They are usually not a tourist trap, a resort destination, or too close to a major city. We offer a change of scenery for our guests, in hope that their experiences here may inspire a change of perspectives and outlook on life.

Estancia Serenova is unique in three different ways:

  • Come together. Come alive.: To be a place of convergence, connection, and rejuvenation for all. We are all about facilitating community-building and collective transformation of culture and life.
  • Your Pacific Northwest experience base camp.: In celebration of this region's splendid nature, vibrant and evolving cultures, and historical heritage, we welcome travelers from around the world with an exceptional Italian-American family hospitality. We are strategically located between the metropolis, the Pacific Ocean, and the Cascades and Coastal Mountains, within a 2-hour drive to most popular tourist destinations in Western Oregon and Southwest Washington.
  • Define your Serenovation.: Estancia Serenova is what you make of it. We do not dish out packaged experiences to passive consumers. Instead, we encourage our guests to create their own experiences here -- we call it Serenovation.
The Elalah from the Nesika Illahee Garden

Define your Serenovation!

There are many activities you can partake in while at _Estancia_ Serenova and in its vicinity. We found that most of these activities end with **"-tion."**

  • Creation. This is a perfect place for artists and writers to get away from the noises and focus on creativity.
  • Recreation. Many lesser-known recreation spots are within a short distance of Estancia Serenova. Mountain and road bicycling, kayaking, disc golfing, hiking, fishing, mountain climbing, and beachcombing are all great options around here!
  • Contemplation. Come spend a day or a week here for your own silent retreat. Our land is surrounded by the forest in all four directions, and many guests have noted how quiet it is despite the short distance from a suburban city.
  • Celebration. We host many family and personal celebrations, including weddings, birthday parties, and baby showers. Our rates are among the best in the Portland metropolitan region.
  • Vacation. Are you thinking about your next vacation in the Northwest? Try something unique and different. Our boutique accommodations are designed with a great Portland-style aesthetic and offers great amenities and comfort. This is your home away from home!
  • Staycation. You don't have to travel far to experience the full benefits of a restful vacation. For a fraction of a typical vacation cost, you can enjoy and explore Columbia County, a place so close to Portland but is yet to be discovered by many.
    Make it yours: What is your Serenovation?
A great distraction-free space for writers

Small is beautiful.

E stancia Serenova is not an institutional-looking retreat center for large conferences or church retreats. Instead, we specialize in small groups (of up to about 20 people) and families who are seeking a more intimate, nature-oriented, and personal alternative. From family reunions to team-building retreats, we are all about facilitating a meaningful and transformative experience and authentic human connections.

Please note:

Estancia Serenova is no longer accepting reservations or proposals for weddings or any large events.