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Estancia Serenova

We are a locally-owned retreat and event center, nestled in the forest of the Oregon Coast Range near St. Helens, Oregon.

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Group retreats
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Group retreats

Group retreat programs by Estancia Serenova

This fall we will be launching the Passion Path, an all-inclusive, transformative retreat experience for women who are seeking a more balanced and integrated lifestyle. Our original and innovative retreat programs are designed around Le Cinque Vie, our unique, proprietary curriculum developed by our founder Lisa Neef based on her many decades of experiences as one of the most-highly regarded human resources professionals in Oregon.

Our programs will take place at Estancia Serenova and at off-site locations. Additionally, we will make some programs available online for the worldwide audience.

We also host your retreats, trainings, and conferences!

Attention retreat leaders!