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Estancia Serenova

We are a locally-owned retreat and event center, nestled in the forest of the Oregon Coast Range near St. Helens, Oregon.

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Personal retreats
General information

Personal retreats

Take a time out.

Non-programmed personal retreats

We offer a use of our retreat facility by individuals and private groups of up to four, subject to space availability. To reserve, use our convenient online booking system.

Please note: The online booking system is only for individuals and private parties of four persons or less, for non-programmed personal retreats. By using this service, you acknowledge that your reservation will be processed through Hipcamp and Hipcamp will add a nominal surcharge to provide this service. Your reservations may be pre-empted by any group retreats or events, which will take a precedence.

Programmed personal retreats

We will also be offering programmed personal retreat packages in the near future, with customizable activities to fit your needs.