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Estancia Serenova

We are a locally-owned retreat and event center, nestled in the forest of the Oregon Coast Range near St. Helens, Oregon.

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Where are we?
General information

Where are we?

32180 Pittsburg Road, Yankton (Saint Helens), Oregon

How to get here

Estancia Serenova is located in a quiet rural area of Milton Creek Valley, in the village of Yankton. We are approximately six miles northwest of Saint Helens city center, the seat of Columbia County, Oregon. We are within one hour of driving from the Portland International Airport and approximately 2.5 hours from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Train and bus: Both Amtrak Cascades and Coast Starlight trains make stops at Kelso-Longview and Portland Union Station. Columbia County Rider offers several trips every day from the downtown Portland Hilton Hotel and from the Union Station (Greyhound and Amtrak). Each trip from Portland to downtown Saint Helens costs $6. Alternately, you may also ride the CC Rider bus route 5 from the Kelso-Longview Amtrak station, transfer to route 7 at Rainier Transit Center (total fare $8 each way, takes about an hour and a half; be sure to ask the route 5 driver for a transfer ticket to St. Helens), and deboard at the Saint Helens Transit Center. Pick-up from downtown St. Helens may be arranged in advance.

Bicycling: Columbia County is popular among bicyclists. Highway 30 (Columbia River Highway) has wide bike lanes between Northwest Portland and St. Helens. We are located not far from typical bicycling routes between Highway 30 and Vernonia or Oregon Coast. Caution is advised on Pittsburg Road (especially between Yankton Arthur Academy and Gensman Road with non-existent shoulders) as it is a winding country road with high speed limits.