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We are a locally-owned retreat and event center, nestled in the forest of the Oregon Coast Range near St. Helens, Oregon.

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About Estancia Serenova
General information

About Estancia Serenova

About Estancia Serenova

Welcome! Estancia Serenova is a small rural retreat nestled in the forest land of Milton Creek Valley, only six miles west of Highway 30 in St. Helens, Oregon, and 33 miles from downtown Portland, Oregon. It takes only an hour of drive out of most of Greater Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area to experience this serene environment close to nature and be rejuvenated.

Our 20-acre forest land has deep roots in the history of Columbia County. Before the arrival of the Euro-Americans, this area was inhabited by the Chinookan first nations. The woods along the Milton Creek provided an economic boom for the early settlers along the Columbia River. Indeed, Milton was short for “Mill Town,” where a large sawmill was located. Nearby town of Plymouth was the first steamship port along the Columbia River, and the town prospered as a business and industrial center of Oregon. Later Milton merged with Plymouth to form the city of St. Helens. The land where Estancia Serenova stands today was once home of the late Dr. Dory M. Walrod (1921-2001), the town doctor of St. Helens and later one of the co-founders of the Columbia Humane Society. It was the original location of Columbia County’s first animal shelter where dogs and cats were kept for adoption, in addition to Dr. Walrod’s own llamas!

At Estancia Serenova, we strive to help our guests create memorable and transformative experiences in a rustic yet elegant setting. Our philosophy for hospitality traces its roots in the Italian traditions. Agrotourism has become popular in Italy as well as in Latin American countries with a significant Italian heritage (Argentina and Uruguay). Estancia Serenova brings it to the Pacific Northwest.

We have acquired this 20-acre land in the spring of 2015, and are gradually making it available for use by the community as well as by visitors from far and near. We offer our event space for all types of workshops, groups, and celebrations in addition to our own programs.