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Estancia Serenova

An enchanting country retreat in majestic Northwest Oregon, only an hour from Portland, Oregon! For events, weekend getaways, or weddings, our beautiful woods provide a perfect setting!

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Host your event with us
General information

Host your event with us

Group retreats, classes, workshops, or conferences:

Host your retreats, trainings, workshops, or conferences at Estancia Serenova!

Whether you’re a church group, yoga instructor, holistic healing practitioner, personal coach, consultant, or professional business looking for an ideal location to hold your special event, Estancia Serenova was built especially with you in mind.

Disconnect from the busy world. Connect to nature. We enrich and deepen your event experience.

We offer up the Owltree, our beautiful country retreat house that comes with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a large full-function kitchen, a comfortable family room, and two outdoor patios that are surrounded by two bountiful orchards and 20 acres of natural landscape to hike and explore. If you need a larger space for your activities, the Alice Tarbell Cultural Space, a 2,400-square-foot (60 feet by 40 feet on the main floor) multipurpose building, is a perfect location for setting up for all kinds of workshops, classes, lectures, music, or larger gatherings. In addition, we have three wooden country cottages to enjoy a relaxed, unplugged time. For those who prefer an even closer connection to nature, there are various areas within our acreage that are suitable for primitive camping.

Contact us today at (503) 757-1737 so that we can customize your unique event. We work with all budgets.

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