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Estancia Serenova

An enchanting country retreat in majestic Northwest Oregon, only an hour from Portland, Oregon! For events, weekend getaways, or weddings, our beautiful woods provide a perfect setting!

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Personal getaway
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Personal getaway

Il dolce far niente: personal escapes and individual retreats

The Italian concept of dolce far niente means the "sweetness of doing nothing." If you’ve ever had the pleasure of travelling through Italy, then you have no doubt experienced it.

When I first travelled to Italy, I immediately lost track of what time of day it was. Italy has its own rhythm and pace. People just seemed to naturally understand how to be present and enjoy the moment. We’ve worked hard at trying to recreate that feeling here at Estancia Serenova.

The moment you step foot here, nature takes over and you will immediately breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. The beauty and the magic of the land allow each person who visits to create their own opportunity for a dolce far niente! There are moments in our lives when it is important to unplug from the daily grinds and reconnect to what is alive in us in order to regain a spirit to pursue what is important in our lives.

While here, you will enjoy your stay in one of three beautifully furnished cottages (each of which accommodates four guests), or our 3,000-square-foot Owltree house that accommodates up to 20 people comfortably. Contact us today regarding availability.

In addition, we offer several programmed retreats and workshops throughout the year. Check out our calendar to look for those events that may be of interest to you.