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An enchanting country retreat in majestic Northwest Oregon, only an hour from Portland, Oregon! For events, weekend getaways, or weddings, our beautiful woods provide a perfect setting!

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Weddings at Estancia Serenova
General information

Weddings at Estancia Serenova

Weddings at Estancia Serenova

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Coming from a large Sicilian family, a wedding meant an all-weekend event to celebrate with family and friends. I kept that in mind as we worked to create our wedding packages. Gathering to celebrate your special day from the rehearsal dinner, to setting up the big event, to the reception, and sharing brunch the following morning with those who made your day so memorable. We have created a special venue that helps you create that wonderful feeling of beauty, simplicity, and peace for all your guests.

Estancia Serenova is located on a stunning 20-acre woodland with a diverse terrain that includes a meadow, a small lake, two orchards, several hiking trails, a well-landscaped garden to enjoy nature at its finest. Indoor facilities include a newly completed bridal suite with own bathroom, one bedroom, a kitchenette, and a loft; a 2,400-square-foot multipurpose space that you can customize for your celebration; and accommodation for family members or out-of-town guests in separate buildings.

We look forward to working with you to meet your unique vision for your special day.

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Wedding packages

Details and features follow after the table.

Please note: The pricing and packages are being revised for 2019. The following figures therefore may not necessarily reflect the current offers. Call 503-757-1737 for the latest pricing.

  April 1-Oct. 31 Nov. 1-March 31
Weekend (Fri.-Sun.): $4,950 (3-day) $2,750 (2-day)
Weekday (Mon.-Thurs.): $2,750 (2-day) $2,750 (2-day)
One-day only: $2,750 $1,750

Details and features:

Premium season wedding packages (Fridays-Sundays, April 1-Oct. 31)

Weekend wedding package: $4,950 up to 100 guests (Call for pricing over 100 guests)

One-day wedding package: $2,750 up to 100 guests (Call for pricing over 100 guests)

Off-season wedding packages (Fridays-Sundays, Nov. 1-March 31)

Two-day wedding package: $2,750 up to 100 guests (Call for pricing over 100 guests)

One-day wedding package: $1,750 up to 100 guests (Call for pricing over 100 guests)

Mid-week special packages (Mondays-Thursdays, year-round)

Two-day wedding package: $2,750 up to 100 guests (Call for pricing over 100 guests)

One-day wedding package: $1,750 up to 100 guests (Call for pricing over 100 guests)

What's included in these packages

  • A multipurpose indoor event space (60 feet x 40 feet on the main floor plus a loft)
  • PA system
  • Tables and chairs up to 100 guests
  • Your choice of three ceremony spots which includes an arbor ➀
  • Outdoor chairs (white resin, padded) up to 100
  • A house with a bridal suite and accommodation for up to six guests
  • A sandwich platter (or antipasto and fruit platter) for bridal party
  • 3,000-square-foot retreat house with accommodation for up to 20 people ➁
  • Three country cottages (each accommodates comfortably 2 to 4, one of them can possibly accommodate up to 6) ➂
  • Outdoor (primitive) camping areas ➂
  • A well-landscaped garden with outdoor furniture and lighting ➃
  • Fire pits, propane-powered barbeque grill, and an outdoor shower stall ➃
  • Outdoor movie theater (as weather permits) ➃
  • Garbage disposal service


➀: During off-season (Nov. 1-March 31), ceremony spot is limited to one indoor location only.
➁: Included in two-day or weekend packages only.
➂: Included in two-day or weekend packages during premium season (April 1-Oct. 31) only.
➃: Available during premium season (April 1-Oct. 31) only.

Extra nights

In addition, you may rent our extra buildings for overnight (if one-day package), or for additional days (for weekend package) as follows: (click on the link to see descriptions of each building):

Alice Tarbell Cultural Space - $750 per night
House (Sleeps up to 6 people) - $350 per night
Owltree House - $500 per night
Nyberg, Walrod, or Sleeth (cottages) - $125 per night each cottage
La Fortaleza - $150 per night
Primitive camping (with gear rental) - $75 per night up to 4 people per site (Camping gear rental includes a tent and an air mattress.)
Primitive camping (with your own gear) - $45 per night up to 4 people per site

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Recommended local vendors for weddings

This information is furnished here solely for informational purposes only and as a courtesy to our prospective wedding customers. Customers are solely responsible for arranging for any and all services not provided by Estancia Serenova, and for all financial arrangements between the customers and the service providers of their choosing. While we have vetted these vendors to the best of our ability, we are not responsible for or be held liable for any problems you may encounter, and cannot guarantee qualities of services provided by these vendors.

(Information last verified on March 9, 2018.)

Catering services


Live music

  • The Hit Machine (see "Bartholomew Productions" under "DJ's")

DJ's, wedding music coordinators, and audio technicians




Dresses and formalwear sales/rentals

Wedding/event coordinators

Event equipment rentals

Sanitation services

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