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Estancia Serenova

An enchanting country retreat in majestic Northwest Oregon, only an hour from Portland, Oregon! For events, weekend getaways, or weddings, our beautiful woods provide a perfect setting!

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Our facilities
General information

Our facilities

A brief introduction to our buildings and outdoor features.

Download printable guide map or scroll down for a map.

The Owltree (map number: 100)


airbnb Estancia Serenova's Owltree was named in honor of the Nyberg family who once operated the Owl Tree Ranch at the turn of the 21st century at this location. This 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 3,000-square-foot house features a spacious kitchen/dining room, a cozy community room with a wood stove and comfortable furniture, as well as a small reading alcove. The capacity for the Owltree is up to 25 guests. It is ideal for a small group retreat. The Owltree will be available for events and guest accommodation this summer.

The Owltree information and reservation

Elalah (map number: 200N/210S)


airbnb Recently completed a two-year-long major expansion and renovation, this house once was home to musician Jon Nyberg. In 2016 we began a capital improvement project to rehabilitate this house that had fallen into a long period of disuse and to expand its floor space by about three times, and now it is a quasi-American ranch style architecture. The south wing is a self-contained guest suite and will become available for use for events and accommodations, and as a bridal suite during weddings. The north wing will be a private residence. Our administrative office also will be located in this building in the near future. The name Elalah pays homage to the indigenous history of what is now Columbia County; Elalah was a pre-colonial village that was once located around what is known today as Deer Island, Oregon.

The Elalah South information and reservation

The Country Cottages: Nyberg, Walrod, and Sleeth (map numbers: 001-004)



The wooden country cottages were hand-built using traditional Mennonite craftsmanship. Each of these cottages can accommodate up to four guests comfortably (with one of them with maximum capacity of 6). They are ideal for personal retreats and lodging primarily during summer. Individual guests may reserve one of these cottages online for $100 per night with two nights minimum (subject to a nominal convenience charge). The cottages are named after historic figures with ties to this area, including musician Jon R. Nyberg, Dr. Dory M. Walrod, and Mattie Cone Sleeth.

La Fortaleza (map number: 010) -- Under construction

La Fortaleza

One of the fondest childhood memories for many is building a "fortress" in a backyard. You will be able to re-live the fun in La Fortaleza -- literally, "The Fortress" in Spanish, because of its fortress-like appearance from below -- which towers over the trees on a hillside, hidden away from the activity centers of our acreage. La Fortaleza is a two-story minimalist ADU that was originally dreamed up by somebody who used to live here, and it offers an amazing view. It will be an ideal location for a writer or a contemplative when it's complete!

The Alice Tarbell Cultural Space (map number: 400)

Alice Tarbell Cultural Space

Named after one of the earliest pioneer settlers of this area, Alice Tarbell is a converted industrial-style multipurpose building that can be utilized for a wide variety of cultural events and private celebrations. In the past, it has been used for anything from a wedding reception to a musical performance to art workshops. It is also the home of the Floy Preslar Gallery.

The Heritage Orchards (map numbers: NO and EO)

Heritage Orchards

Estancia Serenova was fortunate to inherit two beautiful and abundant orchards. Apples, pears, plums, and peaches bear luscious fruits every summer here. The orchards also provide a romantic backdrop to a country wedding and memorable personal ceremonies.

Nesi'ka Illahee Sanctuary Garden (map number: N)

Nesi'ka Illahee Sanctuary Garden

As the name means in the Chinuk Wawa language, the garden celebrates "our land" -- with gratitudes for all prior human and non-human inhabitants of this forest, as well as for the beautiful nature. The focal point of the Nesi'ka Illahee is a cluster of three walnut trees. During summer months, the garden becomes a sort of outdoor living room and plays host to dinners, barbeques, outdoor movies, and many other activities. At a corner of the Nesi'ka Illahee is a small experimental vegetable garden.

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