A truly versatile, all-season multipurpose space for small and mid-sized events.

About the Alice at Estancia Serenova

The Alice Tarbell Cultural Space (The Alice) is situated next to a scenic wildlife habitat on Milton Creek. Located only 35 miles from Portland city center and six miles from U.S. Highway 30, the Alice provides a great alternative to urban event facilities in a quiet, secluded setting nestled in the woodlands.

Basic information:

  • Floor space: 2,400 square feet (usable space is slightly smaller)
  • Approximately 100 folding chairs and three banquet-style tables
  • Basic PA equipment and projector
  • Maximum capacity: varies depending on space configuration
  • Sanitation services, such as trash disposal and portable toilets, are not included in the price and are customer responsibilities. We can, however, refer you to a local vendor.

Long ago, Happy Hollow in Yankton was a logging community. During the 1940s, most of this area, along with much of Columbia County, Oregon, were clear cut by the "timber barons" of Oregon, leaving it barren. Since the 1950s, trees were replanted and formed the basis of the woods we can see today. Up on the hills, Alcoa Mining Company set up an operation to mine bauxite, the principal ore of aluminium. Due to the availability of relatively large open spaces, Happy Hollow also played host to large festivals, such as a music festival headlined by The Grateful Dead.

Once upon a time, there was an old, worn-out red barn at the site of the Alice. In 2012, an electrical fire burned it down to the ground—along with a few aged trees in the vicinity (This was on a local prime-time TV news!). The current structure, which replaced the barn after the fire, is a preengineered, wood-frame industrial building with insulated metal walls and a concrete floor. It has been used solely for events and art since its construction—which means the space is free of dirt and bad smells.

In 2016, the Alice became part of the new Estancia Serenova's family of retreat facilities, together with the Owltree, the Elalah South, the Nyberg, the Walrod, and the Sleeth.

Additional amenities such as kitchen, bathrooms, and overnight accommodations are available at adjacent facilities at an additional cost.

The name “the Alice” honors one of the pioneer families of our home Yankton, Oregon. Charles Tarbell and Alice Tarbell Brown moved from Aroostook County, Maine and founded the village of Yankton (they originally called it Maineville, as they were from Maine) during the last decade of the 19th century.

Do you need overnight accommodations? Check out our guesthouses, the Elalah and the Owltree!

Great location with a view!

The Alice at Estancia Serenova is only a short drive away! Located only 35 miles from Northwest Portland's Pearl District, we are only a short drive away from the best of Portland's urban core. Considering the typical traffic conditions in the Portland metropolitan region, it would be a shorter drive from Portland city center than to Hillsboro, Tualatin, Wilsonville, Gresham, or even some parts of Vancouver and Tigard! Yet, we are nestled inside a secluded valley surrounded by mountains on all sides. The Alice overlooks a large seasonal wetland, which is a favorite stopover for migratory birds and other wildlife species. Most of Western Oregon and Southwest Washington's tourist destinations are within two hours of driving from here, allowing your guests to also discover many facets of the Pacific Northwest in addition to attending your event.

Great for parties, conferences, or workshops!

Our spacious multipurpose space is perfect for small group retreats, art workshops, writers' groups, conferences, lectures, music performances, family vacations, corporate off-site gatherings, parties, weddings, or any occasion.

Beautiful natural setting for all seasons and all reasons.

Estancia Serenova's 20-acre campus features four distinct terrains: a grassy wetland by a creek, two heritage orchards, a towering woodland with tall conifers, and a charming garden. Take a walk and enjoy the views from our Mirador Santa Clara, a hilltop overlook. Stroll in the orchards and pick some fruits. Enjoy your morning yoga or evening campfire in the Nesi'ka Illahee Garden.

Best of both worlds: Country experience with typical suburban conveniences.

Your event in a countryside doesn't have to be a time of inconvenience and deprivation. A 15-minute drive (or 45-minute bike ride!) takes you to supermarkets, drug stores, ATMs, Starbucks, a 24-hours-a-day Walmart, as well as a variety of dining options.

One of the most affordable and flexible event venues in the region!

The Alice: naturescape is your backdrop