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Serenova Sister Circle Celebrations

This year, we have decided to create quarterly opportunities to gather and build upon each opportunity to connect. We originally used the “Red Tent” as our ancient symbol for women to gather, heal, share knowledge and celebrate our divine feminine, however, it has come to our attention that the “Red Tent” is also a symbol of a patriarchal religious and cultural oppression of women still to this day. Our sisters in Nepal are suffering from cruel and unusual circumstances as women are routinely sequestered to a menstrual hut during their menses. Women in Nepal continue to die from this practice. So in good faith and solidarity with all women in this world, we have chosen to change the name of our gatherings to reflect a more inclusive environment of all women.

Serenova Sister Circle is a place to gather, to create, to be inspired, to (re)discover your voice; a place of healing so that our stories may ripple out into the world and heal others. We have created a safe, supportive, and empowered environment where the possibility of all that we women continue to hope for in this world can be manifested.

The ”Red Tent” will stay as a symbol of adversity, patriarchal religious and cultural oppression, and how we women who dare to gather, support, hold space to heal, and share knowledge have and will overcome adversity and smash patriarchal oppression in this world. We will not forget where we have come from. We honor the work that has been done and inspire one another to be the change we seek in this world.

Each gathering will include workshops, meditation, movement, and music performances along with ceremonies that will enhance your experience and expression of the divine feminine.

Save the dates for the next two Serenova Sister Circle Celebrations: A more complete list of activities and accommodations will be announced by April 30. It is our desire to keep these gatherings intimate and affordable.

  • June 28-30: Summer solstice celebration
  • Oct. 11-13: Fall harvest celebration

Regular community events sponsored or co-sponsored by Estancia Serenova

  • Serenova Sister Circle: A place to gather; a place to create; a place to be inspired; a place to discover or re-discover your voice; a place of healing so that our stories may ripple out into the world and heal others.

  • The Preslar Art Initiatives: Creating opportunities for emerging artists/crafters/makers and fostering local arts and culture. Pop-up art exhibits and a variety of educational programs.

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