An outstanding accommodation for your vacation, family gathering, or small group retreat.

About the Owltree at Estancia Serenova

The Owltree is situated between two of Estancia Serenova’s orchards. Constructed in 1927, it underwent a major renovation in the summer of 2017.

Basic information:

  • 3 guest rooms (8 beds total)
  • 2 baths
  • Full kitchen/dining
  • Maximum capacity: 14 overnight guests; 20 day-use

This house comes with a rich history that has been largely forgotten.

Previously the residence of the late Philip and Dr. Dory M. Walrod, it once held the largest private library in Columbia County (this is now the Dart Creek Room, whose walls were covered with bookshelves until the 2017 renovation) that held Philip Walrod’s extensive collections of books.

Dr. Dory Mosescu Walrod was the sole general practice physician in south Columbia County until her retirement in the early half of the 1980s. After her retirement, she established Columbia Humane Society in 1985, which was then based here. Her brother Don Coin Walrod was the head of the Oregon State University Extensions center in Columbia County, and also founded the Columbia County Small Woodlands Association. Don owned a farm in nearby Deer Island, where fertile soil abounds along the Columbia River. The Walrod family was well-known and well-respected in the local community.

In more recent years, the basement of this building functioned as an experimental aquaponics laboratory.

In 2017, the entire Owltree building was refurbished with new flooring, newly painted walls, two remodelled bathrooms, and a brand new kitchen with the latest appliances.

The name “Owltree” honors one of the historical names of this place, the Owl Tree Ranch (It is now one word — Owltree instead of Owl Tree — in order to avoid a possible trademark dispute with Owl Tree Press, which was founded here by former resident Donna Nyberg but now operates out of a different location a few miles away; Estancia Serenova is not affiliated with Owl Tree Press in any way).

Names of the rooms in this building come from the bodies of water in the area.

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Great location!

The Owltree at Estancia Serenova is your Pacific Northwest experience headquarters! Located only 35 miles from Northwest Portland's Pearl District, we are only a short drive away from the best of Portland's urban attractions. At the same time, we are nestled inside a secluded valley surrounded by mountains and wildlife. Most of Western Oregon and Southwest Washington's tourist destinations are within two hours of driving from here, allowing you to discover many facets of the Pacific Northwest by day, and rest here in a cozy comfort by night.

Great for groups!

Our spacious and full-featured kitchen and large living room are perfect for small group retreats, writers' groups, family vacations, corporate off-site gatherings, dinner parties, or any occasion.

Beautiful natural setting for all seasons.

Estancia Serenova's 20-acre campus features four distinct terrains: a grassy wetland by a creek, two heritage orchards, a towering woodland with tall conifers, and a charming garden. Take a walk and enjoy the views from our Mirador Santa Clara, a hilltop overlook. Stroll in the orchards and pick some fruits. Enjoy your morning yoga or evening campfire in the Nesi'ka Illahee Garden.

Best of both worlds: Country living experience, with typical suburban conveniences.

Your stay in a countryside doesn't have to be a time of inconvenience and deprivation. A 15-minute drive (or 45-minute bike ride!) takes you to supermarkets, fast-food and sit-down restaurants, drug stores, ATMs, Starbucks, and even a 24-hours-a-day Walmart.

One of the most affordable guesthouses in the region!

The Owltree: outstanding country comfort for less