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The Red Tent Convergence

Women Emanate: The Red Tent Convergence 2019 information page

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A festival for women, by women, about women! This year our theme is "Women Emanate." To emanate means "to come from a source," and "to send out or give out to manifest."

This year's festival is a place to gather; a place to create, a place to be inspired, a place to discover, or re-discover your voice--a place of healing so that our stories may ripple out into the world and heal others. We have created a safe, supportive, and empowered environment where the possibility of all that we women continue to hope for in this world can be manifested.

This three-day festival will include camping, workshops, meditation, yoga, and music performances along with ceremonies that will enhance your experience and expression of the divine feminine. All tickets will include dinner on Friday night, brunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday, and brunch on Monday. We will be posting our vegan and vegetarian menu soon! This year all tickets include tent camping. We do have glamping cottages to share and rooms available in the country retreat house to purchase separately for those who want to sleep in a real bed with some extras. See the Brown Paper Tickets page for descriptions of each room or cottage.

Estancia Serenova Country Retreat Center vibrates with the healing power of mother earth, source, where we will hold our festival this year. Estancia Serenova literally means small farm of serene renewal. Twenty acres of beautiful woodland awaits all who are interested in building a community of empowered, determined, inspired women. Every maiden, mother, matriarch, and crone are welcomed.

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This page provides useful information for festival participants. Please also consult our FAQ page and Schedule of Events and Programs page for relevant information. This page is a work in progress. Please check back often!

About the festival venue

How to get there

For directions, please refer to this page. If you require a rideshare, please post your request on our Facebook event page.

If you are using public transit, please note that the nearest bus stop is 5.5 miles away (50 minutes by bicycle, 2 hours on foot, on a hilly country road). The Columbia County Rider van/bus operates seven days a week from Portland or Astoria, but not on Labor Day. This means if you choose to ride CC Rider, you will have to leave on Sunday unless you have an alternative way to get home. (You may be able to find a ride to Portland once you're at the festival, though.)

What to bring, what to wear

In general

Festival ticket: print out if you selected "Print At Home". If you selected "Will-Call", provide exactly the same name, email address, and phone number you have used to purchase your ticket, in addition to the order number (found on your confirmation email).

Some cash for necessities and/or for vendors. The nearest ATMs are at Wauna Federal Credit Union and InRoads Credit Union branches on Highway 30 in Saint Helens (surcharge-free for most credit union members).

Camping gear

If you would like to purchase these items on your way here, they are usually available at the Scappoose Fred Meyer (51501 Columbia River Highway), Scappoose Bi-Mart (51536 SE 2nd St.), and/or St. Helens Walmart (2295 Gable Rd.).

  • Tent with ropes and pegs to secure it down to the ground (important: it gets very windy at times!)
  • Tarps for shade or extra protection from rain
  • Sleeping bags or bedding
  • Portable chair that you can carry around
  • LED lamps or propane lamps that are securely enclosed (no open flames are permitted, including candles and tiki torches.)
  • Flashlights with enough replacement batteries for three nights. The place does get really dark at night.
  • Camp stove (permitted only in designated areas with gravel surface)
  • Cooler or sealable container for food that will not attract insects, rodents, and other wildlife species
  • Water container
  • Outdoor blanket for outdoor movie nights
  • Trash receptacle/garbage bags
  • Insect repellant spray
  • Plates, cups, bowls and utensils, preferably reusable ones (please.)
  • Yoga mat if you would like to participate in the morning yoga sessions.
  • Extra blankets
  • If you need electricity for cameras, mobile phones, etc.: we have very few power outlets available, so please bring either a solar charger or a car battery with an inverter.


Be prepared for varied temperatures and weathers. Usually it is overcast/foggy and cool in the morning, and sunny and warm in the afternoon. Occasional precipitations (heavy at times) may be possible. Temperatures could range between 40F and 85F on a typical day during the first week of September. Please note, notwithstanding its proximity to Portland and Longview, the festival venue is classified under the North Oregon Coast weather zone by the National Weather Service. This means in general you should look for weather forecasts for Astoria, Oregon.

The current weather information at the nearest weather station

Boots or sturdy hiking shoes are recommended.

Fun costumes are encouraged!

Food situation

Included in your ticket price will be dinner on Friday, brunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday, and brunch on Monday. Please bring your own snacks and food to accommodate any special needs you may have. We will be cooking vegan and vegetarian dishes along with some gluten-free options, plenty of fruit, coffee, tea, and a variety of fruit-infused spring waters. Camp stoves may be used in designated fire safety areas, or, in your camping area if you have a sturdy, non-flammable table that can keep the stove off the ground by a minimum of 2 feet. The camp stove must meet the federal consumer safety standards.

The nearest city of Saint Helens has three full-sized supermarkets (Safeway, Walmart, and Market Fresh) as well as several smaller stores carrying basic grocery items (Dollar Tree, Walgreens, Rite Aid). In addition, the Fred Meyer, the Bi-Mart, and the Grocery Outlet are in Scappoose, 7 miles south of Saint Helens toward Portland.

Ground rules

  1. Respect. We respect diversity. No racist, xenophobic, homophobic, classist, ableist, or other hateful/discriminatory conducts and speech are welcome here. Mutual respect, radical inclusion, civility, and peaceful resolution of conflicts if any may arise, are the festival values.
  2. Self-responsibility. We all made a conscious, intentional choice to participate in this festival. This means you are responsible for your experiences. The festival is not an entertainment product for your passive consumption. Please do your part in taking self-responsibility over your conducts and words.
  3. Community and participation. On the flip side, self-responsibility does not mean self-centeredness. We all co-create this festival in partnership with everyone else. We don't have a full-time professional staff to watch over everyone. If you see or hear anyone who may be in need for help, please show up and contribute. This is a participatory sport, not a spectator sport.
  4. Celebration of expressions. We encourage all forms of self-expressions, provided that they are not detrimental to the well-being of the land, the festival community, the neighbors, the larger society, the ecosystem, and the environment. There is no right or wrong way to experience this festival or to express oneself. Please refrain from shaming or criticizing others for their self-expressions, unless they are disrespectful of others (see rule 1).
  5. Leave no trace. We show appreciation and respect for nature, the wildlife, and the environment. What is being loaded in must be loaded out. Reduce waste by using reusable products whenever possible. This is not a festival in a city and we have no garbage collection services like they do in cities. Help us reduce the waste.
  • Quiet hours: 10 p.m.-7 a.m.
  • Pet policy: No animals except for trained and certified service animals.
  • Smoking policy: In order to help promote public health and fire safety smoking is only allowed in designated smoking lounge only. NO smoking in any buildings or cottages.
  • Alcohol, drugs, and marijuana policy: Alcoholic beverages for your own personal consumption are allowed in the camp area only. Out of consideration for those who may be in recovery from addictions, please refrain from drinking in the common areas. No illicit drugs are allowed anywhere and violators will be subject to immediate expulsion from the festival without refunds. Cannabis consumers are welcome to bring their own cannabis, but smoking is limited to smoking lounge and your own tent. Absolutely NO smoking in any of the buildings or cottages.
  • Fire safety policy: No open flames except in the designated official fire pit areas. This includes candles, incense, firecrackers, fireworks, explosives, and lit cigarettes. Camp stoves that meet the federal consumer safety standards are allowed in designated areas (gravel surfaces) or if you can place a stove on top of a sturdy, non-flammable table at least 2 feet off the ground.
  • Weapons policy: No assault weapons are permitted anywhere on the festival ground. This includes firearms and explosives, as well as any other weapons that are primarily designed for killing or maiming of humans or non-human animals. Violators may be expelled from the festival without refunds.

Safety information

While the festival ground is in a relatively crime-free area, secure your valuables and lock your cars. The festival organizers and the venue are not responsible for any theft or vandalism. We do not have a full-time security crew, so your safety is your responsibility. If you see any suspicious behaviors or objects, however, please notify us immediately by calling/texting 503-757-1737.

The festival ground is in the countryside with natural flora and fauna, and unimproved terrains. Some areas may be slippery or hazardous. When you are walking, it is recommended that you have a proper pair of footwear (hiking boots, for example). At night, the land becomes pitch dark. While we have some basic lighting setup, you should have a flashlight with you.

If you have a medical emergency, keep in mind that it is a rural area and it may take a long time for an ambulance to arrive (from the Columbia River Fire & Rescue District); and the closest hospital ER is in Hillsboro or Portland (OHSU Tuality Hospital, Providence St. Vincent Hospital, or Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital). An urgent care clinic is operated by Legacy Health in downtown Saint Helens, with limited hours, however. Most medical emergencies that are not life-threatening are handled there.

Consent to photograph and/or video

By participating in the Red Tent Convergence Women's Festival of the Pacific Northwest (hereafter "the festival"), or by being present on the grounds and buildings of Estancia Serenova during the duration of the festival, you authorize Estancia Serenova Retreat Center, Inc., to photograph and/or videotape you, or to permit any other person to do the same, and agree that digital images. photographs, videos, negatives, or prints may be used by anyone for any purpose without any compensation to you, including not limited to historical archive purposes, promotional and advertising purposes, media coverage, social media, blogs, and security purposes. You agree to hold harmless Estancia Serenova Retreat Center, Inc., its officers, agents, employees, contractors, vendors, and festival volunteers from any liability resulting from or arising in connection with the taking, publication, and release of photographs, videos, or digital contents pursuant to this agreement.

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